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Sunday April 30th

The Case For Christ - Part 4

This Sunday we continued our series looking at the evidence of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

This is our last Sunday of this series where we have been looking at the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and how the truth makes all the difference in the world and for all eternity.

So now, how do we share the good news of Jesus with our friends who have yet to understand the goodness of God?

This is what we are talking about today.  Glad you’re here!

Sunday April 23rd

The Case For Christ - Part 3

This Sunday we continued our series looking at the evidence of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

Questions to consider -

"Why do you believe what you believe?"

"Is your understanding of God based on blind faith?"

"What is Faith?"

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Last week, we began a sermon series called, "The Case for Christ", which is based on a new movie in theaters by the same name. It is a story of an avowed atheist reporter who sets out to disprove the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. His lengthy search did not yield the results he anticipated.

Today being Easter, we are looking at the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Is it blind faith or can any of what we believe be backed up by facts? We are addressing 3 simple questions today. Did Jesus really live? Did Jesus really die? Did Jesus really come back to life? Everything we believe is based on the answers to these questions.

Palm Sunday April 9th

Palm Sunday begins the most significant week in the history of Christianity. There are many opportunities this week to meet together to worship and remember the walk to the cross that Jesus made for you and me, culminating with Easter Sunday, when we celebrate the indisputable fact that Jesus conquered death and the grave and lives today. Easter is a perfect Sunday to invite a friend or family member to join you at church, so they can hear the greatest story ever told, about the amazing love of God for us.

"Investigating The Case for Christ" Our 4 week series begins today as we look at the evidence of Jesus really dying on the cross and rising from the dead. Is it a myth or truth?

On Sunday April 2nd, we explored further the question:

"So you just let him get away with it?"

For the last month we had been exploring some serious questions arising out of the movie "The Shack". It is a fictional story of a man trying to deal with the deep wounds from his childhood as well as from the death of his daughter. The questions mirror those we ask when tragedy strikes our lives and we wonder where God is in the midst of the mess. We found that the answers lie in the way we see and understand God himself, and the nature of His relationship with us.

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