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The 5 G’s are important to us…






During our February 2017 sermons, we dug deeper into these priorities, so that God could touch our lives. Great lessons and words to live by.

Give these a listen.

On Sunday Feb. 26th Pastor Randy looked at “GIFTS”.

Spiritual Gifts.

The Bible tells us that when we become a Christian, God gives us each a spiritual gift for the purpose of building up the church.

Today’s sermon can help you identify what are your spiritual gifts.

S= Spiritual Gift

H= Heart (What do you get excited about?)

A= Abilities God has given to you

P= Personality (How has God wired you emotionally?)

E= Experiences which have shaped who you are today.

Put these all together and use your special SHAPE to serve God in an area of ministry which will be fulfilling and good for the whole body.

2.26.17 Sermon.mp3

On Sunday Feb. 19th, Pastor Randy covered GROWTH

What are the key ingredients in growing in faith and trust in God? What do we move away from in our lifelong quest to become like Jesus? And what part do others play in our journey?

2.19.17 sermon.mp3

On Sunday Feb. 12th, Pastor Randy covered  GRACE

So what is GRACE?

In God's economy it is giving someone something they do not deserve. It is giving love and mercy to us no matter how undeserving we may be.

What about fairness?

2.12.17 Sermon.mp3