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Sunday July 30th, 2017

Walking With Jesus ~ "The Balanced Life"

What does it mean to live a balanced life?

How did Jesus keep His life balanced when there were so many demands on Him?

How do we know when to say yes and when to say no?

Sunday July 23rd, 2017

Walking With Jesus ~ Mark 2:23-3:6

"What does the law say?" As we follow Jesus, we see Him challenging the religious people of His day. You have all heard the phrase, "the letter of the law" or "spirit of the law". It all comes back to why we do what we do. Motive! So the what old testament laws are we to obey, and why?

Sunday July 16th, 2017

Walking With Jesus

Is your Christian walk more like a wedding,

or a funeral?

Jesus challenges religious people to look at the balance between sorrow over sin, and joy of forgiveness as we looked in Mark 2:18-22 today.

Sunday July 9th, 2017

Walking with Jesus is what we are doing throughout the summer. We are following the gospel of Mark getting to know Jesus better, as we study who Jesus was from Peter's perspective, as recorded by Mark.

What we know about Mark's gospel:

1. John Mark is the author of this gospel written between 50-70AD

2. Mark's source is accepted to be the eyewitness account of Peter

3. Mark accompanied Paul but then quit and went home

4. He then accompanied cousin Barnabas on his missionary journey.

While we learn much about this gospel we will always ask the question, "What does it mean to me?"

We are here for more transformation than for information.

Sunday July 2nd 2017

Pastor Randy is not back from Ukraine yet, but has chosen Jan Schiff as a speaker that you are sure to enjoy.

Thanks for stepping up and sharing your heart with us today!

Why NOT worry?

The Bible has a lot to say on the topic of worry.

Let's explore some tools you can use to free your heart of worry.

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