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On Sunday March 26th we explored further the question:

"How can I know the heart of the Father?"

For the past month we have been exploring some serious questions arising out of the movie "The Shack". It is a fictional story of a man trying to deal with the deep wounds from his childhood as well as from the death of his daughter. The questions mirror those we ask when tragedy strikes our lives and we wonder where God is in the midst of the mess. We are finding that the answers lie in the way we see and understand God himself, and the nature of His relationship with us.

On Sunday March 19th we continued to look at the difficult questions raised by the movie, The Shack. It all comes back to our view of God and how He sees us.

Listen to Pastor Randy's sermon on the Sunday Morning page.

One of the things that we are involved in every Christmas is Operation Christmas Child, and Calvary Christian Church is a relay center for our corner of the metro area. We encourage you to be involved, handing out and collecting shoe boxes. Before Pastor Randy's sermon, a representative from Operation Christmas Child talked about "The Greatest Gift".  

"How Does God See Me?"

Sunday March 12th.

We are on week #2 of our series tackling tough questions brought up in the movie, "The Shack".

We are trying to better understand the heart of God, especially in difficult times.

It is one thing to think about how we see God, but it is quite another to think about how God sees us.

Have you ever considered how God sees you?

Is that a positive or a negative?

Sunday March 5th, we began a series based on themes from the movie, “The Shack”. Please remember that we are only using the movie as a resource for addressing what the Bible says about God and how He works in our lives. “The Shack” has many theological inaccuracies but we are not using it as our source for truth. We use it to expose common questions we have about God. So we will not say, “The Shack says”, but rather, “In the movie this issue is brought up. What does the Bible say about it?”

Today we looked at the question,

“Where is God when I need Him the most?”

Have you ever asked that question yourself?

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