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Katrina Schumacher

Culiacan, Mexico

Kaniv, Ukraine

Calvary Christian Church is the sending church for Katrina Schumacher, a missionary serving with Avant Ministries.  Katrina lives in Malaga, a city of 600,000 in southern Spain, and works with North African immigrants coming into the country.  She has befriended several Moroccan women over the past few years.  Recently she has started a Bible study with some of the ladies and is excited seeing God at work in their hearts.

Calvary’s sister church in Culiacan, Mexico is called Templo Bautista Sion.  While the church is over 25 years old, our sister church relationship began in 2005, as Calvary came alongside the Pastor with preaching, door to door evangelism, VBS programs and building projects.  We currently also help with men’s and women’s studies, cell groups, and visiting families.  Templo Bautista Sion is also involved in missions in the surrounding villages.

Pastor Nicolai pastors our sister church located in Kanev, Ukraine.  This church began over 30 years ago with a small group of older people.  Our sister church relationship which started in 1992 has helped bring much growth and is reaching families.  Calvary’s involvement is to come alongside our sister church in order to help them with whatever they feel God is leading them to do.  We have helped with children’s Bible camps, evangelism to schools, nursing homes, and government offices and businesses.  We help with men’s and women’s Bible studies, teen camps in the woods for unbelievers, marriage seminars and spiritual gift seminars.  We have also helped with outreach and church planting to 7 village churches in the surrounding area.