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Sunday November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving is a common theme in the Bible.

We are to give thanks in every circumstance and live every day with an attitude of thanks.

The problem is, living with a thankful attitude is a choice we must make. It does not come automatically and it is too easy to see the half empty glass instead of the half full one.

What about you?  Do you naturally choose to be thankful to God for everything every day?

Sunday November 19, 2017

Walking With Jesus

Ego is the issue as we see Jesus confronting His disciples about their feelings of self importance.

How important is it for you to be first, the the winner, be on the winning team?  What does it say about you?

A better question is, "What does God feel about it?"

Sunday November 12, 2017

Walking With Jesus

What pumps you up spiritually?   A dynamic sermon?

A powerful book?   A heart gripping faith story?

Inspiring music?

How long do you stay pumped up?

Today we look at 3 disciples who met Jesus on the mountain.

Sunday November 5, 2017

Walking With Jesus

We are in Mark 8:31-38 today.

What does being a follower of Jesus require of you?

Today we will look at some of the strong demands Jesus makes of all who would call Him Lord.

We apologize for the quality of the sermon audio today.


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