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Sept. 25th  Week 3   How you see EVERYTHING comes down to how you see God.

Today we identify some “small” views of God which are more common than we may think. When we create God in our own image, we distort who He really is, and then think He should act and be what we think He should be.

Sept. 18th Week 2 A biblical world view sees everything in light of the Bible. We do not determine our opinion first, and then decide if the Bible matches up with it. Rather, we look at what the Bible says to the original listener and then determine what it means for us.

Sept. 11th What’s Your World View?

In this series, we look at how we see our culture.

We will be looking at a number of philosophies which impact our lives, some without us even knowing it.  

Sept. 4th “Getting in shape for the Big Game”

Football season is upon us, and thousands of athletes know how important it is to be in shape, in order to play their best, and win the game. As followers of Jesus, we are part of a bigger game with eternal consequences. This requires that we be in spiritual shape. Today we identify what it takes to stay in shape, and run the race God calls us to run together.

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