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"Walking with Jesus" is what we will be doing throughout the summer.

We are following the gospel of Mark getting to know Jesus better, as we study who Jesus was from Peter's perspective, as recorded by Mark.

What we know about Mark's gospel:

1. John Mark is the author of this gospel written between 50-70AD

2. Mark's source is accepted to be the eyewitness account of Peter

3. Mark accompanied Paul but then quit and went home

4. He then accompanied cousin Barnabas on his missionary journey.

While we learn much about this gospel we will always ask the question,

"What does it mean to me?"

We are here for more transformation than for information.


Sunday Sept. 24, 2017

We were happy to have had MN Adult and Teen Challenge with us today. Their team treated Calvary to some wonderful worship music, and their incredible testimonies have been an annual blessing to our church. Afterwards, we were able to treat them to one of Calvary’s famous potluck lunches, which was greatly appreciated by all.

Sunday Sept. 17, 2017

Walking With Jesus

Mark 6 describes Jesus passing the mantle of ministry on to His 12 disciples.  Were they ready?  Were they prepared?

Today think about what part God wants you to play in the mission to reach the world with the good news.

Sunday September 10th, 2017

Walking With Jesus

In Mark 6 we read of Jesus going back to His hometown and not being accepted. Think about how you have changed since your youth. How have you matured in your understanding of God since you were a teenager? Try to remember the first time you returned "home" as an adult. How old did you feel? What was your relative's opinion of you?

Sunday September 3rd, 2017

Walking With Jesus

"2 Dying Daughters"

Today in Mark 5 we look at Jesus encountering 2 people with life changing needs.

9.24.17 teen challenge service.mp3 9.17.17 Sermon.mp3 9.10.17 Sermon.mp3 9.3.17 Sermon.mp3