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Sunday April 22, 2018

"Refresh Your Life"

We do Spring cleaning at home and clean up the yard before the grass begins to grow. Why not refresh our journey with Jesus?

For the next 5 weeks, we are looking at different areas where we can all use refreshment. Today in Matthew 5, Jesus gives us 6 surefire ways to change our attitude and be on track with God's blessing.

Listen to all of the sermons on the “Sunday Morning” page, right here at our church’s website.

Sunday Service

10:00 am

907 W 15th  St.   Hastings, MN


REFRESH is the new series that Pastor Randy started on April 22nd.

Spring is just around the corner and is when we clean up, organize, and refresh our homes.

What about refreshing your attitude, your priorities, your relationships?

The Bible has a LOT to say in helping us push that Refresh button in our walk with Jesus.


Men and kids only fish camp is coming May 18th - May 20th at Balsam Bay Resort in Remer, MN.

We only have 36 places available, so don’t delay in reserving your spots. $50 to Billybob Schiff guarantees you a place. Total cost per adult is $160.


May 3rd: National Day of Prayer Breakfast at the Hastings Country Club.

This is our 2nd year and expect a full house.

Tickets are $11 from Pastor Randy.

Breakfast service begins at 6:30am with the program from 7-8am.

This is a wonderful multi-chuch event you won't want to miss.

Do you have a favorite “secret” recipe?

We are putting together a Calvary Cookbook.

Talk to Jim and Reenie if you want your recipe included.


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“Follow” and set to “See First” so that you don’t miss any of our posts  


If you  "LIKE" or “SHARE” or “COMMENT” on one of Calvary’s Facebook posts,

all of your friends will be more likely to check us out here on our church’s website.

Witnessing doesn’t get any easier than that!

Give it a click and then let God do the rest.


This week:

Sundays - Youth Group, 4:30pm

Monday: Prayer Noon - 1pm  and  Women’s Prayer Group @ June’s, 1pm

Tuesday: Young at Heart, 10am  and  Prayer @ Noon - 1pm

Wednesday: Prayer 6am - 7am

Thursday: Women’s Study 10am  and  5th Quarter Study and Prayer, 6:30pm

Friday: Prayer Noon - 1pm

Saturday: Men’s & Women’s Breakfast, 7am

Sundays: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality from 8:30-9:30

We have begun an exciting course that’s on Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:30

called "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality". In the course you will be challenged to look at your life and shift some things around so that you are growing closer to Jesus and His priorities for your life.

This requires work on your part but anything worth doing is worth doing well.

We started on March 4th, but if you want to join in get in touch with Nancy Nelson.

How’s your prayer life?

If you are missing coming to pray at any of our prayer times, you are missing out!

These are wonderful times to pause and simply come before God with a few friends.

“If regular people pray more regularly,

then we will see God do irregular things on a regular basis.”

The key words here are regular people and pray.

If you do not pray do not expect God to do anything exceptional in your life. DO not expect His blessing, His care, or His joy. But if you DO pray, who knows what He will do.

Join me on one of our regular prayer times:

Monday: Noon - 1pm

Tuesday: Noon - 1pm

Wednesday Morning: 6am - 7am

Thursday: 6:30pm

Friday: Noon - 1pm


TRUELIFE.ORG "Cards Cards Cards"

We have as many cards as you need to give out to people that you meet or already know but don't know if they attend a church. Have you checked out There are many, many great short videos on questions that people have about God, Jesus, the Bible, etc.

Are you a Church Member yet?   

Talk with Pastor Randy or your Shepherd about how to be in on the decision making team at Calvary.

AND speaking of membership:

Becoming a member of Calvary involves a few simple steps.

1. You have to be a follower of Jesus Christ demonstrated by sharing when you asked Jesus to forgive you and be your savior. You have been baptized as a believer who has chosen to follow Jesus and declared it by being baptized by immersion.

2. You agree with the goals and priorities of the church.

3. You want to use your gifts to serve God however you are able.

If this is you, please talk to your Shepherd and we will meet with you to talk it over.


>>Borrow<< one from the church library today

1. God’s Not Dead

2. WWJD ~ What Would Jesus Do

3. Flying Blind ~ Franklin Graham

4. Indescribable ~ Louie Giglio

5. 12 Biggest Lies ~ Kevin Sorbo

6. The Master Designer ~ The Song


Do you love people?

Stepping out of your comfort zone - extending your hand and not knowing how they're going to respond - that's what's called living by faith.


*I think God wants me to call this person.

*I think God wants me to invite this person over.

*I think God wants me to start a conversation with this person at work who's really kind of a jerk, and nobody likes. Perfect! What a great person to target.

“But wait, they don't deserve love. They don't deserve the grace of God like we do!"

NONE of us DESERVE anything from God.

We want to be a church that's known by love.

Will you look for someone to love every day?


Talent Night: We are planning a fun evening where you can have the opportunity to do whatever you can do. Let's see what we can come up with. This is for all ages, beginners to experienced, serious or funny. It is all about the family entertaining the family and encouraging one another.

Pick up the new church directory: It is a new format which contains more information. You can also make additions and changes more easily. Thanks to Lori for putting this together.

Faith Stories: We are putting together a book of your faith stories. It is a good discipline to write out when you came to Jesus in a short and compelling format. Here is an example of a simple outline:

1. My life before I became a Christian.

2. The circumstances that surround me making a decision.

3. What I said to turn my life over to Jesus.

4. My life now with God in control (hallelujah)

Give them to Lori in the church office.

Growing Deeper This Year:

Would you like to meet with 1 or 2 other men or women once a week for the fall season, to study the Bible, pray, and get back on track with Jesus?  You determine the where and when.  Talk to Pastor Randy to get linked up with a leader. This is low key, you determine your agenda, but guaranteed to help you grow deeper.

DISCOVERYLAND is a full hour of music, games, and Bible discovery, and surprises for children ages 4 to grade 5, which runs concurrent with the adult service upstairs


Pre-Service Prayer meets in the Youth Building from 9:15 to 9:50 am.

Food Shelf Collection:

We have a bin to gather food for Hastings Family Service. Thanks for giving.

See Carmen if you have any questions.

Take 5 to Pray:

At noon every day, why not put aside what you are doing and take 5 minutes to pray.

Let God lead you for what you should pray.

Pray for:


Kathy’s Sister Cindy

Matt and Monnie’s daughter Betty

Beth's recovery

Betty's health issues

Deb’s healing

Reenie’s health

Noah for relief from ongoing symptoms from his car accident

Our leaders in government

Those battling addiction

Are you praying faithfully for your child from the name that you drew?

"I can do that!"  Here are some opportunities for you to get involved in events that we have coming up:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sign Up to make coffee - we need to have 10 people each take a week.

Also needed are 2 more Sunday School teachers on a rotational basis. Talk to Linda or Molly.

Body Parts Missing!

As a part of this church, you are a part of the body of Christ.  As in the human body each organ has its part, and all parts are needed, so in the church every body is needed to do their part.  Currently we have some holes that need filling.

We need people to:

1. Make the coffee

2. Help with the Youth Group starting up

3. Be a greeter

Please talk to Ron Logid or Pastor Randy if you can use your body to help "the body". Thanks!

**SNOW SHOVELERS! (Winter’s not over yet?)**

We need people to sign up for a week (Monday-Sunday) to make sure our sidewalks are clean.

Military Bible Stick is a tool which is being used to supply audio MP3 copies of the New Testament to men and women in active military service. Chaplains give these out to anyone who requests them free of charge.

That's where you come in.

$25 pays for one Military Bible Stick, plus, if they request it, they can receive one for their spouse at home, and special versions for their children. We have used our benevolent offerings from the past two Sundays for this ministry. If you haven’t already, please make checks out to Calvary and we will send the entire amount to Faith Comes By Hearing. Thank You!

THANKS for giving $1,051 to the ministry of Teen Challenge!

Thank You! For your generosity giving to the gift tree for Hastings Family Service.

Another successful year that many children will have a gift for Christmas who might not have if not for you.

THANKS! For all of your help with the shoe boxes and the gifts for Hastings Family Service.

These gifts are for more than just making people happy.

Together, we make a difference for the kingdom!

And “LIKE” Us!

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Click on the Twitter icon to follow him.