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907 W. 15th. St.

Hastings, MN 55033


Our vision is to glorify God by helping bruised, turned off, or hurting people, experience the grace of God, and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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Walking with Jesus is what we have been doing throughout the summer and fall. We are following the gospel of Mark getting to know Jesus better, as we study who Jesus was from Peter's perspective, as recorded by Mark.

Sunday October 15, 2017

Are there people who are outside God's invitation for salvation? Are there ethnic groups which you feel should not be offered grace and forgiveness for some reason? Today we see Jesus being approached by an outsider and how He responds.

Listen to this and all of the sermons on the “Sunday Morning” page, right here at our church’s website.

Sunday Service

10:00 am

907 W 15th  St.   Hastings, MN


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THANKS for giving $1,051 to the ministry of Teen Challenge!

Trunk or Treat on October 31st is fast approaching

We need a few more vehicles for our setup! If you can’t do it by yourself, team up with another person to decorate your trunk. We also need people to sign up for refreshments, popcorn and lighting.

Start thinking how you want to dress up your vehicle and yourself for our annual Halloween Outreach to the community.

Come up with a Bible theme this year. Sign up on the board at church, so we know who is doing what.

It's always LOTS of fun for all, and a great way to reach out to our community!


We need people to sign up for a week (Monday-Sunday) to make sure our sidewalks are clean.


We are planning a special Outreach event on December 1st called, “The Magic of Christmas”

featuring world class Illusionist, Adrian Van Vactor.  

His performance will be spectacular, especially as he ties it together with the real magic of Christmas, the coming of Jesus!

Here is how you can be involved:

1.Pray for who you should invite.

2. Decorations Team: We need a team of people who will come up with ideas transforming the church for Christmas. The first meeting is October 8th right after church.

3. Refreshments Team: Plan and serve dessert for the event.

4. Advertising Team: Determine how to best get the word out.

5. November 26th: Christmas setup day right after the morning service. We need 25 people to get everything, inside and outside, ready for the next Friday. Free pizza and other goodies.


Operation Christmas Child collection week is Nov. 13-20th.

Don’t forget to begin getting those boxes filled! We have 100 boxes which can be divided among us.

We need people who are willing to man the collection table, pack the large cartons and take the cartons to Woodbury Lutheran twice during that week. Also, if you are willing to work at the processing center, let Molly know.

We may just volunteer when enough of us are able to go without registering for a special time.

Pick up the new church directory: It is a new format which contains more information. You can also make additions and changes more easily. Thanks to Lori for putting this together.

Faith Stories: We are putting together a book of your faith stories. It is a good discipline to write out when you came to Jesus in a short and compelling format. Here is an example of a simple outline:

1. My life before I became a Christian.

2. The circumstances that surround me making a decision.

3. What I said to turn my life over to Jesus.

4. My life now with God in control (hallelujah)

Give them to Lori in the church office.

Growing Deeper This Fall:

Would you like to meet with 1 or 2 other men or women once a week for the fall season, to study the Bible, pray, and get back on track with Jesus?  You determine the where and when.  Talk to Pastor Randy to get linked up with a leader.

This is low key, you determine your agenda, but guaranteed to help you grow deeper.

Many groups have started up again in September.

They say spiritual growth happens best in small groups.

We will help you find a group which fits your need and time availability.

Let us know.

This week:

Today:          4pm  Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group

Tuesday:        Young @ Heart

Thursday:    10am - Women’s Study

                    6:30pm - 5th Quarter Bible Study for all ages. Practical application of the Sunday message.

Body Parts Missing!

As a part of this church, you are a part of the body of Christ. As in the human body each organ has its part, and all parts are needed, so in the church every body is needed to do their part. Currently we have some holes that need filling. We need people to:

1. Cut the grass

2. Spread weed killer

3. Small paint jobs

4. Stripe parking lot

5. Help with the Youth Group starting up

6. Be a greeter

Please talk to Ron Logid or Pastor Randy if you can use your body to help "the body". Thanks!

Military Bible Stick is a tool which is being used to supply audio MP3 copies of the New Testament to men and women in active military service. Chaplains give these out to anyone who requests them free of charge.

That's where you come in.

$25 pays for one Military Bible Stick, plus, if they request it, they can receive one for their spouse at home, and special versions for their children. We have used our benevolent offerings from the past two Sundays for this ministry. If you haven’t already, please make checks out to Calvary and we will send the entire amount to Faith Comes By Hearing. Thank You!


Take 5 to Pray:

At noon every day, why not put aside what you are doing and take 5 minutes to pray.

Let God lead you for what you should pray.

Pray for:

Beth Kerber recovering from hip surgery, and getting ready for her 2nd hip replacement.

Jerry Banitt recovering from shoulder surgery.

Dean Markuson to get his strength back after a long time in the hospital

Barb Wheeler recovering from knee surgery

Deb Morse recovering from partial knee surgery

Betty Lindh (Matt & Monnie's daughter) cancer

Kathy Butler's daughter and granddaughter as they have moved and get settled in Baltimore.

Reenie Basch

Noah Ijomah, relief from ongoing symptoms from his car accident

Our leaders in government

Those battling addiction

Speaking of kids! Are you praying for your child from the name that you drew?

If you don't remember, there are lists on the back bulletin boards!


Children’s winter clothing is on sale right now, a great time to pick up some things for the Operation Christmas Child boxes.


"I can do that!"  

Here are some opportunities for you to get involved in events that we have coming up:

Food Shelf Collection:

We have a bin to gather food for Hastings Family Service. Thanks for giving.

See Carmen if you have any questions.

Are you a Church Member yet?   

Talk with Pastor Randy or your Shepherd about how to be in on the decision making team at Calvary.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sign Up to make coffee - we need to have 10 people each take a week.

Also needed are 2 more Sunday School teachers on a rotational basis. Talk to Linda or Molly.

DISCOVERYLAND is a full hour of music, games, and Bible discovery, and surprises for children ages 4 to grade 5, which runs concurrent with the adult service upstairs.

Pre-Service Prayer meets in the Youth Building from 9:15 to 9:50 am.


For all of your help with the shoe boxes and the gifts for Hastings Family Service. These gifts are for more than just making people happy. Together, we make a difference for the kingdom!

And “LIKE” Us!

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